WORKOUT 4 zu "Perform in the Arts how Nature Affects": Prolongation summer and autumn 2022.

The Dean and Professor of music pedagogics at the Japanese  Gakugei University of Tokyo was invited to present "Creative Interactions in  Polyaesthetic Video Processes" as results of the project at the international congress "Creative Interactions 2022" at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich/Germany. (Link to the -> handout)

Japanese students responded to the presentations of their colluaeges of the University at Cologne. Please follow the link to -> one example how they start an intercultural dialog.

The Polyaesthetik-Symposium EROS und THANATOS in October 2022 at Salzburg will present thematic songs composed by children and young people of the region, followed by further artistic and scientistic contributions. (please see our program of the symposium)