kofomi_2019_Schachernhofkofomi#25, Report from 25th Komponistenforum Mittersill, Austria

The composers' forum -> „KoFoMi“ took place at the small alpine town Mittersill, well organized by Wolfgang Seierl (Vienna) and Martin Daske (Berlin). It was already the 25th event. The motto 'reset' touched as well the polyaesthetic theme "how nature affects". Several ideas of the program are listed in the "Pool of ideas" on the www.paeb.org website. As a visitor at the symposium Gerhard Hofbauer got an insight into the personal oeuvre and the actual artistic projects of some participating composers and artists. As a pedagogical approach the program included the cooperation with the Bundesoberstufengymnasium Mittersill. Once again the community was located at the historic farm and guest-house Schachernhof high above the town. It proved to be an optimal location for artistic activity and communication. For further information see www.kofomi.com 

Photo: Hofbauer (2019).
View from Schachernof, Mittersill
gh 2019-09-14


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